Endorsed by Peter Werbe!

Growing up as a darkly gothic, angst-ridden teen in suburban Detroit during Reagan’s rein, Peter Werbe’s Nightcall show was instrumental in shaping my political outlook, exposing me to ideas I knew were out there, but seemed simply out of reach in my deeply Republican town, family and county.

Peter’s weekly show — the longest running call-in talk show in American history — introduced me to left-leaning ideas, books and bookstores I had no idea existed, and prompted me to seek out other ideas and philosophies that expounded upon the things I believed to be true, but lacked the language to express myself. I started reading publications like In These Times, The Nation, The Progressive and the Fifth Estate.

But more than feeding my brain, Peter spurred me to get involved, to take action. That introduced me to a whole new world. And after some time and a move to San Francisco in the early 90s, I had finally found my tribe.

I owe that to Peter Werbe.

So when his show was canceled on Halloween – read into that timing what you will – I began thinking it might be time for me to start acting on inclinations I had had for some time. When King Cheeto was unexpectedly elected, that was it. I started to put together this podcast.

With that lengthy introduction, I can’t tell you how happy I am that Peter Werbe, formerly the host of the best damn political talk show in the U.S., has given We Are Here an enthusiastic thumbs up. Thanks, Peter.



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